Friday 2 December

Since arriving back on the boat, we’ve been busy answering solicitor emails and finally exchanged this week and are working towards a completion date of 12 December.

In between we’ve been doing all the usual chores associated with life afloat.  Max has been having his daily walks and, thanks to all the rain we’ve had recently, our floor has needed washing more often.

With the shorter days we also have to make sure our batteries are kept fully charged to cope with the increased demand of lighting and TV watching.  This means we have to run the engine daily.  Keeping an eye on the overnight weather forecast is important too as we need to monitor temperatures and keep our water tank topped up.  This week the canal has been frozen over for a couple of days but today the weather warmed up and so we topped up with water.  Our fresh water comes from an uninsulated  tap on the canal side.


This morning we heard an unusual noise that sounded like speeding tupperware on the canal and when we looked out there were two powered hang gliders flying just above the water.  By the time I’d grabbed my camera they’d reached a good height.


Now it’s December the Christmas decorations have come out and this afternoon Joseph showed how excited he was.