Friday 20 July

After breakfast I started to make preparations for the arrival of James and Ali who would be joining us on board this evening after work.

As they’re going to be staying on board once we head back to Chester on Sunday we decided to give them our bed and we’d  sleep on the air beds.   The bed was stripped and the boat was cleaned.  Storm did the outside while I did the inside.  Storm also attended to one or two outstanding maintenance jobs.

Once all was shipshape I remade the bed and started packing all that we would need to take home with us, keeping it to a minimum as we’ll be travelling back to Chester by train to pick up the car before heading back home for a while.

After lunch we went for a walk along the canal to see if there was anywhere near the station and the road to moor.    As there was a space we went back to the boat and moved it up through the two locks and moored up in front of some flats that would shield us from the worst of the train noise.  Virgin trains heading for Euston tend not to stop at Berkhamstead and instead hurtle through at a scary speed.

Once moored I left Storm to rest his eyes and I went off to have a look round the shops.  As I’ve said before, Berkhamstead is a beautiful town and I thought I’d have a look round the charity shops to see if the standard of offering mirrored the town.  One of them on the high street had some quality items. My trip was successful, even more so when they deducted 50% off the ticket price.  I do like a bargain!

We were expecting James and Ali to arrive about 9pm after their drive down from Yorkshire.   They rang us at 9.20 to say they were eight minutes away so we headed off to the station to meet them and direct them to a space we’d found for them to park.

After unloading their car, and as they’d already eaten, we headed out for a nightcap.


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