Monday 16 July

A three mile walk round Springwell Lake, while it was cool before breakfast, was enjoyed by the three of us.

With the quilt to wash again after yesterday’s incident we needed to motor just far enough to do the wash and add some charge back into our batteries.

We set off for Rickmansworth, just two miles ahead, at a slow pace.  Speed doesn’t affect the rate that our batteries charge.

Springwell and Stocker’s locks were set in our favour.

We pulled in at the Tesco moorings for some fresh milk and dog food and Storm stayed with the boat, keeping the engine running.

Next we headed to the facilities block at the bottom of Batchworth Lock to refill with water.  The water pressure was excellent so this didn’t take long.  The washing machine, by now, had completed its cycle so we turned off the inverter and any motoring now would recharge the batteries.

We were asked to reverse away from the lock to allow an unpowered working boat space to manoeuvre.  There was one space left on the visitor moorings but only for a 45ft boat so once the work boat had moved we went ahead into the lock to seek a mooring above the lock.

Half a mile of permit holder only moorings followed before we could moor up on pins, rather than rings or Armco.

As Max had had his walk already we left him in the relative cool of the boat.  I had some birthday cards to post so headed for the post office and we had a mooch past the shops on the shaded side of the main street.    Rickmansworth was quieter than I remembered and Travis Perkins has now moved to Watford.   Our boat plank was bought at this branch as it was near enough to carry back to the boat in 2010.  Watford, at over 4.5 miles away, would have been too far!

With the cards posted, we headed back to the boat and decided to have a quiet afternoon.  We have 26 locks and ten miles ahead before we meet up with James and Ali on Friday evening.

After lunch we both fell asleep in our comfy reclining chairs and were roused by our cupboard doors banging.  A wide beam was ‘motoring’ past at nowhere near tick over speed.

Our front mooring pin came out and one of our fenders had snapped the rope, such had been the force of his passing at speed.  After securing the boat again we had no further problems with other passing boats.

I have, however, been breakfast, lunch and supper to an evasive mosquito.  Judging by the extent of bites, he’s lurking in the bedroom somewhere.   I’ve heard him buzzing with glee once when he taunted me but I’ve not seen or heard him since.  Woe betide him when I find him.   I’m now covered head to toe in Jungle Formula so hopefully if he comes for seconds, he’ll have a nasty taste in his mouth.  My Afterbite pen is doing a good job at controlling the itching.  Storm too has been attacked for a change so he must be a bloodthirsty beast.


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