Saturday 14 July

We enjoyed our quiet stay on the Hertford Canal where we could moor on rings without breasting up and with space for other boats both in front and behind us.    We needed to move though and our first stop was at the facilities block at the junction with the Regents Canal.

While filling up with water a young lady came up to ask about the boat and after asking lots of pertinent questions we gave her a tour of the inside and she went off with our contact details.  She seemed genuinely interested.  She already has a boat and is looking for something larger so she knows what she wants.

We continued on towards Camden.  I was steering today.  The only lock manned by volunteers was St Pancreas.  There was also a working party there busy painting everything in sight and as they all wore the CRT blue shirt, it was hard to determine who was responsible for lock working.  Storm couldn’t cross the lock at all as all the woodwork was wet.

Getting us through the lock was not a simple task and there was quite a lot of confusion about who was doing what.   Storm stayed calm but was glad to get back on board when we were finally able to leave the chaos behind.  We continued on towards Camden.   Here the bottom two locks are surrounded by building works on the tow path side and the scaffolding has spread onto the towpath making dropping off crew quite difficult and it isn’t possible to operate the locks without picking up crew in between as they’ve closed the tow path to pedestrians.

At Camden top lock the gongoozlers were out in force and we showed them how it should be done!

Above the lock we pulled in so I could nip to Morrisons for a few items and our Saturday paper, and leave Storm with the boat.  The SAS couldn’t have shopped any faster and I was soon back on board so we could carry on.   With no more locks ahead it was a long slow pootle down the Paddington Arm towards Bulls Bridge.   We pulled in after completing about 17 miles and 8 locks at Bridge 18, at the same mooring we stayed at on our way into London,and had our third BBQ of this trip.


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