Tuesday 10th July

Our mooring at Camden was quiet overnight but we were still awake early.   We treated ourselves to a cooked breakfast.

Radio 4 announced that the RAF Centenary Flypast was taking place at 1pm today when 100 planes would fly over Buckingham Palace.   Rather than join the throng along the Mall we decided to look for somewhere high up with views over London.

Thanks to Dodie Smith I recalled that Hamstead Heath provides a good vantage point  so we set off on foot with Max.

We explored Hamstead Heath village as we walked up towards the Heath and as the morning wore on we started to look for a suitable vantage point.   We headed towards Parliament Hill. When we first arrived there were empty park benches to sit on, and by the time the flypast starting arriving in from the East there was quite a crowd.

It was nice to witness such an important event first hand and to explore the Heath – an area of London we’ve never visited before.

This afternoon I’ve visited Camden Market for a spot of retail therapy.

We’d intended moving the boat but as we’ve got a mooring we’re staying put for another night.



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