Monday 9 July

Max had his usual morning walk before it got two hot.  While they were walking Storm was accosted on the towpath by a CRT volunteer conducting a pedestrian survey.  At 8am in the morning, a 15 page survey is unlikely to achieve the achieve the desired outcomes as most pedestrians will be on their way to work and won’t want to delay their journey.

It wasn’t designed either for boat owners walking their dogs because when asked ‘how long has it taken you to get here’ the answer ‘3 weeks’ wouldn’t fit on the form as it was expecting an answer in ‘minutes to two decimal places’!!

Our progress into London was slow due to spread of moored boats and the bloom of weed that this hot weather isn’t doing anything to reduce.

We turned into the Paddington Arm before lunch to see, if by any chance, there was room for us.  Sadly not.

We’d tried before we set off to book a mooring at ‘Rembrandt Gardens’ but the CRT website showed that it was fully booked for the month of July.  There are two bookable moorings here and while there were two boats moored this morning, there were still rings available.  I rang the CRT to enquire whether we would be able to moor there but I got the stock reply that ‘it’s fully booked for the entire month of July’.   I said that there were still rings available or we could breast up, but he just repeated that the moorings were full.

Rather than pursue this further  we moved on down the Regents Canal to Camden and moored up beside the market.   We moored here in 2010 and apart from the towpath having heavy footfall and it being noisy during the day, it quietened down at night and we didn’t have any problems so we’re hoping that our stay here today is OK too.


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