Saturday 7 July

We’ve not needed an alarm yet as we’ve been awake by 6am anyway.

Storm set off for the locks on foot with Max; a distance of about 2.5 miles.  Max is certainly happier having his walk before it gets really hot as he enjoys charging around, whereas he spends the rest of the day seeking shade.

As we’re now heading down into London all the locks today have either been set against us or are leaking and have been empty by the time we’ve got to them so Storm got the bike off the boat this morning to cycle ahead to set the locks so that they were full and ready by the time I arrived.

We paused briefly at Waitrose in Berkhamsted so we could get our Saturday paper.  To protect the steerer from the worst of the suns rays I fitted our brolley-mate to the tiller and put up our parasol.  This works well until you come to a bridge and then you have to judge whether it will fit under or whether you need to take it down.

There are some beautiful properties in Berkhamstead.  I hope I get a chance to stop and explore more on the way home.

At lunchtime we switched roles and I headed off on the bike to set the locks.   Storm was listening to the football on the radio.  I didn’t need to.  The cheers heard through the trees from flats and gardens in Hamel Hampstead told me when we’d scored. It seemed like everyone was watching the game as there was no-one around.   Over the noise of the engine Storm missed the roar of the crowds and he couldn’t work out how I knew the score.

After a long, hot and exhausting day we are now within the M25, moored just north of Rickmansworth and the Cassiobury Park Locks.

We have three full days before we’re expected at the Olympic Park.   It looks as though we might make it in time.

Today we’ve covered 15 miles and 31 locks.

(Sorry – still no photos today even though I’ve deleted a lot of 2014 photos from the media library which usually resolves the problem)


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