Tuesday 3 July

A welcome breeze and another scorcher.  Sunscreen liberally applied.   It must be hot as Storm has put his shorts on today; a very rare sight.

We were up and off earlier than yesterday and were at Lidl in Leamington Spa as it opened at 8am.  The mooring rings were already taken but we pulled in nevertheless and Storm held the boat steady on the middle rope while I ran in, ran round, and ran out again as fast as I could.

It soon became evident that the horse flies were hungry today.  So far I’ve counted eight bites on me.  Thankfully they’ve left Storm alone.  I don’t react badly but we’ve seen people who do and who look as though they’ve been fighting because the bites have been so inflamed.

We haven’t had to queue for any locks but we have met a lot of boats coming towards us.

Sadly we didn’t find a lock buddy today although we’ve done 23 locks and 18.5 miles  and are now about half way to London, despite their being quite a lot of throttle teasers around.

Throttle teasers moored every two hundred yards.

We stopped for chilled medication at Calcutta Boats to celebrate our last lock of the day.   So far we’ve done 123 locks and 108 miles since we left Chester.

The washing machine has been on for the first time this year.  The wet load was hung out on the rotary drier and it was dry within an hour.  This was just as well as our ‘brolly mate’, that fits on the tiller, was required for England’s kick off against Columbia at 7pm, for the TV aerial.

We’ve had our first boat BBQ of the year this evening – we’re moored in a beautiful sunny spot, in open countryside, on the Grand Union with only the sound of birdsong and the odd tractor to disturb the silence, drinking chilled beers.  Perfect!!


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