Sunday, 17 June

Whoop, whoop – we’re back on board!

This is our first cruise this year, other than to the winding hole.  However, this may be our last cruise as we’ve put the boat up for sale.   This isn’t a decision we’ve taking lightly though as we’ve absolutely loved our time on the water.

We should have begun this cruise last Monday but our plans went awry when we had a problem with our car that took two weeks to fix.

Anyway, it feels really good to be back on board.  Everything familiar and where it should be!

We’re heading for London ultimately, providing we don’t encounter any set backs.  Our journey will be interrupted from time to time with other commitments but I’m sure we’ll get there and back this year (unless someone buys the boat en route).

Last night we invited our friend and mooring neighbour, John to join us for a meal on board to say a huge ‘thank you’ to him for looking after our boat while we’ve been away.  After a fun and entertaining evening we had an early night and this morning we rose early to try to make up for lost time.

We were away by 7.30 am and crept out quietly passed our 160 neighbours before opening up the throttle a bit to head south and out beyond Barbridge, Nantwich and Audlem.

Toll Booth

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Audlem

We’ve travelled this route along the Shropshire Union many times and have become familiar with the sights.  Today we’ve covered 20 miles and climbed up through 21 locks, mooring for the night just after Bagley Lane Bridge.     We haven’t broken any records or speed limits and have passed all moored boats at tickover.  Not a bad first day though.

The Canal River Trust’s new logo is very much in evidence but I wish someone would explain to me how changing a logo is going to better inform the nation’s public about the extensive network of waterways and the facilities available if they’re not yet aware of the canal system.   I read that changing the logo has no cost implications  but it must have.   I look forward to being educated!


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