Saturday 16 September

After our BBQ last night, we only had about 13 miles to travel today to return to the Savick basin in Preston.   We’re hoping to get the green light from CRT tomorrow lunch-time as we’ve had very little rain, quite a lot of sunshine and not a lot of wind since lastTuesday and if we can get down the Brook tomorrow, the forecast looks hopeful for Monday’s trip down the Ribble and up the Douglas.

After a week’s delay, we’ve now seen and done everything on our to do list, plus a few things that weren’t on the list and as nice as the Lancaster Canal is, we’re ready to head for home.

We had a very pleasant pootle back in sunshine.

A final glimpse back at the hills

We didn’t rush as we had all day but after six hours we arrived back to find the basin exactly as we’d left it.  We reversed back into the lock and when Oleanna arrived they too reversed and moored alongside us.   A strong feeling of deja vu!

The brook looked calm compared to last Monday so we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow.

Last Monday …

Today… at least 18″ less water





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