Friday 15 September

Pip and Mick came up with the idea of what to do today.  They needed to restock their food cupboards and rather than arrange an on-line delivery, cycle, walk or catch a bus to shop, they decided to take the boat back to Garstang.   As we needed to do a wash, we followed after we’d filled up with water.   The 4.5 mile trip would be just long enough for our washing machine to complete its cycle.

It was forecast to be a nice day.   We headed off in sunshine and moored up in Garstang on the first ring we came to and before the avenue of trees that would have cast the boat into shade.  We put up our whirligig (rotary drier to those who wonder what a whirligig is!) and hoped the sun and light breeze would last long enough to dry the jeans I’d washed.

The bigger plan for the day was that once Pip and Mick had done their shopping, and our washing was dry, we’d untie, wind, and head out back into the countryside and have another BBQ.

I popped to Sainsbury’s while the washing was drying to pick up a couple of things I’d missed off our internet order.  Pip and Mick were already in there and I left them shopping and went back to the boat to make some bread and a new batch of coleslaw.

A couple of unexpected short lived showers mid afternoon kept me busy bringing in washing and then putting it out again but after the second shower I gave and put the, by now nearly dry, jeans over the indoor airer.

We untied, went to wind and followed NB Oleanna back to Bridge 56 where they’d identified a spot where we could get into the side without running aground.

We had a tow path pow-wow about whether the rain would hold off for the rest of the day, and we decided we’d risk it.  We lit the BBQ’s early and made the most of the mid-September daylight.

A beautiful rainbow appeared.  Unfortunately the camera doesn’t do it justice though.  Thankfully the weather behaved itself and we had a lovely evening chatting until the dark, and the cold, ushered us back indoors at 8.30pm.   We lit the stove, just to guarantee that the washing would be completely dry by morning and settled down to watch the telly.


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