Wednesday 13 September

What to do today?  The only pressing engagement was our grocery delivery drop off between 19.30 hrs and 20.30 hrs.

After a clean through of the boat I set about making some bread and while waiting for this to prove I also made some houmus and some smoked mackerel pate.  Well, we needed something to spread on the bread!

After lunch, needing a walk, we took Max along the bridle path towards Myerscough College campus.  The path takes you past their vast array of sports fields; golf, rugby, football, tennis, their stables and international indoor arena, before taking you past the classrooms and accommodation blocks where finger posts direct you to their plant centre, motorsport area, and many equestrian and animal care courses.

From there we followed the path out onto the road and back along the footpath into the village.   We stopped for an ice-cream before heading back to the boat.

This evening we decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips from the village chippy.  Storm could have treated me to a meal out there but instead he headed off on the bike so he could dash back with them before they got cold.  They were delicious and as there was no skin on the fish, Max didn’t get a look in unfortunately!

Our grocery delivery arrived without any problems mid slot at 8pm.  The van pulled in to Owd Nell’s car park and the guy offered to help us carry the groceries back to the boat but we’d taken the bike down and so once we’d waved him off, we loaded the shopping onto the handlebars and headed back to the boat.


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