Sunday 10 September

The alarm was set for 8 this morning but we needn’t have bothered as we were woken instead by our smoke detector alarm.  No smoke but perhaps some condensation had been the trigger!

Once up Storm went to check the water levels in the brook and this had dropped back to normal and with no breeze we were hopeful that the decision would be positive.

Steve, from CRT, arrived at 9.30 am to tell us the bad news – we wouldn’t be going today or even tomorrow, as Harry’s concerned about the strength of the wind on the river forecasted from lunchtime today and through tomorrow.   Oh dear!  We’re to try again on Tuesday.

Steve suggested, that as he’s expecting eight boats to make the crossing on Tuesday, we move our two boats into the lock today to free up room in the basin for the other boats expected later and that will also mean we’ll lead the way when conditions are right.   While we pulled Blackbird backwards into the lock Oleanna went in search of water and when they returned they came and moored up along side us.

We’d intended visiting Preston Dock this afternoon but by the time we were ready it was raining and the wind had got up so we decided it wouldn’t be much fun getting wet and instead lit the stove and spent a quiet Sunday afternoon reading.  At least Harry’s information had been correct!

By the time we’d had dinner, the weather had worsened.  The torrential rain on the roof drowned out the sound of our TV and even on full volume we couldn’t hear anything so we connected our Bose speaker which booms out the sound.    As soon as the rain abated we turned it down again before we got complaints from our neighbours!


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