Tuesday 5 September

Lying in bed listening to rain drops on the roof did little to encourage us to rouse ourselves this morning.  I got up to make  a cup of tea to take back to bed and when I looked out I found it wasn’t raining and the rain drops were old rain coming from the overhead trees.

Once up I took Max for his early morning stroll along the muddy towpath.  Passing Oleanna, Mick opened the window to tell me of their plans for the day which co-incidentally mirrored ours, so after breakfast we untied and headed to Garstang.

There is a definite Autumnal nip in the air this week and breakfast today was a bowl of warming porridge flavoured with bramble jelly and then the big coat and brollies came out in readiness for our slow pootle into Garstang.   Another sign of Autumn was the sight of fields being ploughed and the smell of damp earth.

We met a few boats on the move and one of them was a wide beam.  It was touch and go whether we’d find ourselves aground as we moved over to let them pass.  I don’t know what happens when two wide beams meet head on as the canal isn’t that wide and it gets very shallow at the edges.  They must have a shallower draft than us.

Once moored in Garstang, we went shopping, first for a new clothes airer.  There wasn’t a lot of choice but we chose the one that took up the least space.  It’s quite a bit smaller than our last one and won’t hold as much, but it will do for now.  Storm took it back to the boat while I headed to Sainsburys.

With dog food for Max the shopping weighed quite a bit.  I’d taken the bike with me to be my mule so with a bag loaded on each side of the handlebars, the journey back to the boat was made without difficulty.

Storm had been doing some research on the internet, reading about the benefits of beer to the digestive system and so we headed out before tea to test this.  (I think he’s known about these benefits for a long time!)

One advantage of not having had a clothes airer is that we’ve not been tempted to hang damp clothes to dry creating condensation.   We’re going to need a dry day before we can do a wash.

We can’t light our stove until we’ve bought some intumescent sealer for our flue as the old sealer dropped out when I blacked the stove last week.  We can have the central heating on though if we start to feel the cold, although we’d rather not as this burns diesel – precious commodity on the Lancaster Canal.  It was a good job we filled up before we left the Rufford branch.


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