Sunday 3 September

Very wet and windy today and a complete contrast to the hot, still, sunny of yesterday.  Our tyre fenders are doing their best to cushion the constant buffeting of the boat against the quayside.

Each year, to mark Summer’s birthday, we each write a personal letter to her, which once written is sealed away in an envelope that is marked with the date and the author.  Storm and I don’t reveal the content of our letters to each other so the whole process is done in secret.   We plan to give these letters to Summer on her sixteenth birthday when she’ll have 30 letters to read.  It will be interesting to see what she makes of them.  Today I sat down to write this year’s letter to her.  Storm wrote his yesterday.

Other than venturing out with Max for his walks, we’ve stayed hidden away indoors reading yesterday’s papers, and trying to solve the crossword puzzles, both general knowledge and cryptic.

We face-timed Summer and Joseph again – they both seem to be missing us.   Summer was keen to tell us about yesterday’s birthday party while Joseph waved and smiled at the screen.   It won’t be long before he can tell us what he’s been up to as well.

This evening I’ve poached the smoked haddock we bought yesterday.   It was delicious.  The Port of Lancaster Smokehouse Ltd offers a mail order service which we may well take advantage of when we get home.


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