Wednesday 30 August

Last night our scissor frame clothes airer dramatically collapsed with metal fatigue, dumping all our clean, but still damp, washing on the floor.  Thankfully this morning the sun was shining so the first job was to swap the TV aerial pole for the rotary drier and hang everything out to dry.

As we weren’t going anywhere today, a cooked breakfast followed and then a spot of house-keeping.

During the afternoon we had a circular stroll down the towpath and back through Galgate village before returning.  I then set about making some bread rolls with half a mind to having a BBQ tonight.

Pip and Mick arrived, pulling in just behind us, late afternoon and they thought a BBQ was a good idea – the first time this trip.

We disappeared from the towpath to prepare food.  As we were getting ready to put out the table and a chairs we felt a few drops of rain.   We couldn’t see any threatening clouds so we ignored them and carried on setting our things out on the towpath.

The cows in the field the other side of the hedge came to see what we were doing but seemed to disappear when I mentioned ‘steak’.

Pip had picked up a couple of corn on the cobs (at Sainsburys, not from a nearby field!) and had managed to cut them in half.  We had them drizzled with butter for a starter.  We cooked our separate mains; we had beef burgers and sausages with a bit of salad, while Pip and Mick had a healthier mix of tofu kebabs and turkey steaks. The bread rolls were passed round while we ate and then we finished off with ‘Trim Tiramisu’ (an Ainsley Harriot low fat recipe).

As it grew darker, Pip’s guiding lights came out.  We had a chuckle at the fact that these had both been gifts from us to them at different times, and on neither occasion had we thought of buying one for ourselves!

By 9.30 we were starting to feel the cold so having made sure our BBQ fires were out, we tidied up and retired indoors.


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