Monday 28 August

Pip and Mick were planning to move on today as they’re wanting to travel to Preston tomorrow and this is easier from Lancaster than Hest Bank.  As there is only limited mooring in Lancaster and as we’ve pretty much ‘done’ all the obvious site seeing there, we decided to stay at Hest Bank another night.

For the last two days while we’ve been out, Max has been left guarding the boat so today we thought we’d spoil him.   It was 2.5 miles along the towpath to Rennie’s Lune Aqueduct.  (We passed over this on our way north and as there hadn’t been anywhere to moor we’d promised ourselves that we’d explore it on our way back.)

We made up a packed lunch and struck out south on foot.  It was overcast as we set out although the sun came out as we walked but with a chilly breeze.

Max ran free and he enjoyed exploring every gap in the hedge along the way, running backwards and forwards between us.

The hedgerows were full of brambles but we didn’t have enough time left in the day to stop and pick sufficient fruit for jam making.

We made it to the aqueduct and sat and enjoyed our picnic before crossing 600 feet to the other side and clambering down the steps to the River Lune 60 feet below.

The information board told how in 1794 60 trees had been driven into the river bed before stone columns were placed on top.  It made a brief mention that the river had been drained and diverted and this must have taken some doing as the river is quite wide at this point.  The building costs were a precise £48,320.18s.6d.

Having photographed it from different angles, we set off back to the boat, stopping off at Beaumont Turnpike Bridge to call in at the Spar Shop there to buy bread and milk.  We also treated ourselves to two ice-lollies.

We’ve walked five miles today and Max has probably covered twice that.  For most of the way back he carried quite a large branch before walking into the canal to cool himself down.  Cyclists and walkers were forced to work their way round Max as they passed us.

We called in at the pub for a well deserved drink before dinner.


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