Saturday 26 August

Mick called by to say that they were going to move Oleanna forward into the sunshine in the hope that they could also get tight into the bank.  Before following we thought we’d just see whether Mick was successful.  There were too possible spaces; the first had an obstruction in the water, the second was much better and Oleanna fitted perfectly.  That decided it – we’d stay put!  We don’t have any solar panels to charge.

As the sun was shining we decided we’d head for Morecambe today.  None of us had checked the bus times and instead we walked the 1.5 miles to the “Welcome to Morecambe” sign and then carried on beyond that along the promenade.

The tide was well out and we couldn’t see the sea, just a huge expanse of sand.  We checked the tables and discovered we’d missed low tide and that the water was actually on its way back in.

As we walked I suddenly became aware of water and if we’d not seen it with our own eyes we wouldn’t have believed how fast the tide comes in – you could see it racing in with the naked eye.  No wonder people get caught out!

A friend of Pip’s had recommended that we visit Brucciani’s ice-cream parlour and that we ‘eat in’.

The Grade II listed art deco 1938 interior was in excellent condition.  We looked for a list of the icecream flavours available and instead these were reeled off very quickly by the girl at the counter. The choice of flavours was numerous.

Storm had never had a knickerbocker glory before and so his order was easy.  The rest of us decided to have three different flavours of ice-cream, but which three?   We all agreed afterwards that we’d made good choices.

Afterwards we headed towards the stone jetty beyond the Midland Hotel.  In the time it had taken us to eat our ice-cream the huge expanse of sand in the bay had almost gone.

After a walk along the jetty, we came back to call in at the Midland Hotel.  We’d considered calling in to take ‘afternoon tea’ but at £21 each we thought this a little steep for four unwaged travellers.

Unfortunately at this point my camera battery died and so I don’t have any photographs of the interior.   I suspect there may be some on NB Oleanna’s blog.

We couldn’t visit Morecambe without seeing Eric’s memorial statue where families were posing with him for a “Bring Me Sunshine” photograph.

Having exhausted the obvious sights, we went in search of a newsagents so we could pick up our weekly fix, before hunting down a bus to take us back to Hest Bank.

We’re planning a quiet night in tonight as we’ve another outing planned for tomorrow!


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