Wednesday 23 August

We went back to Carnforth station this morning, not to catch a train, but to visit the Heritage Centre.  Here there is information about the history of Carnforth village, its railways, its stations and   the David Lean film “Brief Encounter” that was partially filmed here in 1945.  There is also a David Lean biographical exhibition.

We spent a couple of hours here, finishing with a cup of tea in the infamous station buffet wondering whether we were sitting at the same table as Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard had sat.

After a bite of lunch back at the boat, we left our two day mooring and headed north again in brilliant sunshine towards Tewitfield and the terminus of the Lancaster canal.  We passed under the M6 and continued on trying to remain midstream where the water was deepest.  The canal has sloping sides and it is easy to run aground.  In places the water was even shallow mid-stream causing us to slow down to just above tick-over.

The M6 motorway was never far away and as we approached the terminus we began to look for somewhere to moor because the canal and the motorway run side by side at the end of the canal and we wanted to moor somewhere slightly quieter.

Our guidebook had led us to believe there was a basin with visitor moorings but the basin was a private marina and it didn’t appear to welcome overnight visitors – at least there was no board inviting us to stay.

We managed to moor about 50 yards short of the final winding hole and where there was land between us and the motorway but we needed our planks to bridge the gap between the boat and the towpath.

We were a little disappointed that our arrival at the end of the canal was a bit of anti-climax.  We’d been planning to stay here and go off tomorrow and explore the route that the canal took to Kendal.   Instead we have walked up the eight locks that are now derelict which begin only yards beyond the terminus this evening and tomorrow morning we will return to Carnforth.  We can catch a bus from there to explore Kendal.

Large sheep!

Trying to ignore the motorway that ran alongside the locks, our walk up past the locks was very pretty.  There is a farm opposite, well stocked with animals.  It was when Storm said ‘Look at that large sheep” that was in fact a llama, that we looked more closely.  With the help of a tele-photo camera lens we also spotted ostrich, deer, goats, donkeys, a cow, pigs and mini pigs (not guinea pigs as first thought).  It looks as though it is a children’s animal farm and open to the public.

A nice way to round the day off.


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