Tuesday 22 August

Eighteen months ago we climbed Hoad Hill to the Sir John Barrow monument in Ulverston and watched a train seemingly float across the water as it crossed the Leven viaduct.

Today the four of us, leaving the boats behind in the care of Max and Tilly, travelled on that train from Carnforth to Ulverston.  The scenery of sand, sea, marshland, and the hills of the Southern Lakes, that was with us for most of the journey, was breathtaking.

In Ulverston we visited the World’s only museum devoted to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Stan Laurel, or Arthur Stanley Jefferson as he was originally called, was born in Ulverston.

The museum is now housed in the Roxy Cinema which is an appropriate setting to sit and enjoy some of the black and white film footage shown, and the story of the lives of this comedy duo is told around you.

I suspect there may be a similar photo on NB Oleanna’s blog!

The collection is one man’s obsession; a hobby that got out of hand.  Bill Cubin, a former mayor of Ulverston, spent years gathering all the information together and his grandson now enthusiastically welcomes visitors to this space.

At one o’clock we’d arranged to meet Hilary, a long-time friend of ours, for a catch-up over lunch.  Hilary recommended that we meet at Gillams Tearooms. Their website boasts that they’ve ‘been providing fine food and excellent service since 1892’.  They do!

Our train journey back was even better as the sun was shining, but was over all too quickly.  A lovely day out.


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