Monday 21 August

Time to move on.  The plan was to head for Hest Bank, the point where the canal comes closest to the sands of Morecambe Bay.

We led the way and pootled slowly out past the Lune Industrial Estate before turning north west across the Lune Aqueduct.  This is another aqueduct designed by John Rennie and was built between 1794-7.

From the canal, this 600 foot long structure failed to really impress and we looked to see if we could moor anywhere to fully appreciate its splendour from below.  There was nowhere obvious and so we continued on.  We’ll try to stop somewhere on our way back from where we can walk down to the riverside, some 60 feet below and look up at the stonework.

At Hest Bank there were plenty of empty mooring spaces but the water point advertised in our guide was out of order and as both boats needed to fill up we decided to carry on to the next tap at Carnforth.

The views from the canal across Morecambe Bay were spectacular and we’ll make sure we’re full of water for our return pass through here so we can stop and explore.

We were so busy admiring the view we didn’t spot the swing bridge blocking our path until the last minute.   I hopped off and opened it letting both boats pass through before pushing it closed again.

Heavy rain was forecast for 4pm and we arrived into Carnforth well before and filled up with water.  Whilst there were many moorings rings there were few boats here and we discovered why when NB Oleanna tried to moor as they couldn’t get in to the side.    There was one length just big enough for both boats to moor without causing any obstruction.

With Tesco just across the road we decided to go and restock the fridge, the fruit bowl and the vegetable box.

Home-made pizza has been requested for tea and afterwards I think we’ll all head out to the Canal Turn for a drink.


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