Sunday 20 August

To compensate Max for yesterday’s shorter than usual walk  we headed out fairly early to climb up to Williamson Park and the Ashton memorial.  There was no sign of movement on NB Oleanna so we left them in peace and headed out alone.

The 54 acre park was created by the Williamson family from the profits of their linoleum and oil cloth business and the 150 ft tall memorial was commissioned by Lord Ashton as a tribute to his wife in 1909.  The memorial dominates the Lancaster skyline.

We took it in turns to step inside the memorial and to climb up to the first floor viewing gallery from where you could walk outside and appreciate the outstanding panoramic views.

After we’d both admired the magnificent building I then paid to look around the Edwardian Palm House that housed a rainforest environment for some of the World’s most beautiful butterflies.  I was surprised to find koi carp, tortoise, quails and chameleon inside too.

Clipper Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Owl Butterfly

White Tree Nymph Butterfly

My ticket to the Palm House also entitled me to visit the Mini Beast Cave (which I didn’t visit) and the Animal Garden where I saw meerkats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

We strolled round the park before heading back down the hill and back to the boat  After a bite of lunch we headed out again and meandered around the shops for a spot of window shopping.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Lancaster – its worth a look.   We’ll be moving off further north though tomorrow morning.


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