Tuesday 15 August

We started the day with a cooked breakfast because, until Pip and Mick return, we’re not going anywhere.  They’d left Tilly, their cat, on board with bowls full of food and although we had keys to the boat, we were only going to open the door if she appeared to be in distress.   Each time we went to check, all was quiet.

As the sunshine appeared, we headed out to the shops.  We needed to do an Aldi booze run and then on to Sainsburys for everything else.  We loaded the bike up with our bags and pushed it back to the boat.  Our cupboards are  replenished ready for our departure into the wilds of Lancashire.

This afternoon I carried out some running repairs to our canopy.  It is seven years old and the stitching is starting to fail after the ravages of weathering.  To help me grip the needle I taped my thumb and index figure with fabric elastoplast as pushing the needle through the layers of fabric is difficult.  I stitched the zip back in on the door flap which had worked its way loose.

Pip and Mick returned mid afternoon and then promptly disappeared again to return their hire car and to catch the shops before they closed.   Storm and I went to check out the beer garden of Th’Owd Tithe barn pub.  It is a barn and it is old.  Sadly they’d resorted to using ‘Knights & Damsels’ as the signs for the toilets.  We had to agree with our Nicholsons canal guide who, we think tongue in cheek, wrote “it is hard to discern where the bar ends and the museum begins”!

We’re still looking for a pub that we’ll want to revisit on our way back south.


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