Saturday 12 August


After sampling our home-made bread for breakfast, the first priority was to walk Max to the village Mace shop to buy the Saturday papers for both boats.  After that a visit to the sanitary station was needed but as we only had household rubbish for the dustbin, Mick offered to take this for us and instead we set off for the market town of Garstang, about 4.5 miles north west from Bilsborrow

Light showers came and went and the distant hills were shrouded in mist.   We’ve passed a few small marinas full of just plastic cruisers; no narrowboats, but today we passed a proper marina – Barton Grange Marina.

The M6 and the west coast main line railway ran alongside the canal for a while but both were unobtrusive and barely noticeable.

The highlight of the journey was spotting two deer who stayed still even though they’d seen us before we saw them.

We needn’t have worried about whether there would be room for both of us in Garstang as there are extensive visitor moorings here, and with rings too.

After a bite of lunch we went to explore the town, taking the path down beside the magnificent John Rennie aqueduct and walking beside the very peaty river Wyre.

We were pleasantly surprised at just how attractive the town is.  There were plenty of blooms here too but not all of them were fresh!

After dinner we went out to sample some of the local pubs.

First we went to the Wheatsheaf where the beer was good but eventually the live music and the over-excitable youngsters on the next table led us to seek somewhere a little quieter.  Next we tried the Eagle & Child but the smell of disinfectant and the lack of beer sent us straight back out again.  The Royal Oak was our favourite.  Here we could enjoy a beer and chat without straining our vocal chords.


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