Saturday 5 August

Once the paper boy & Max returned from their walk to the village shop we moved off towards Burscough.  With a fine day forecast we set the washing machine going.

We had a pleasant pootle working through the two swing bridges without any problems and passed the entrance to the Ruffed branch, down which we need to head soon.

We decided to continue on through Burscough though as the washing machine hadn’t quite finished, wind just before the non-existent Great Score Swing bridge before returning to Burscough.

This took us through a further two road swing bridges at which motorists ignored the fact that the traffic lights were at red.  They must know how many seconds there are between the lights turning red and the barriers dropping.  A few nervous moments. Thankfully we all got through without incident.

Back in Burscough we filled up with water and emptied our waste before finding a mooring space.

In the afternoon we had a stroll around Burscough and followed a circular route back to Glover’s Swing Bridge.

At the garage we spotted these exhaust systems being used as flower tubs!

On the way back we stopped to sample the beer garden at The Ship Inn, an old canal pub formerly known as the “Blood Tub”.  Black pudding was once made here and a bucket of pig’s blood could be exchanged for a pint of beer, or so the story goes.


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