Wednesday, 2 August

Raindrops sounding on the roof did nothing to encourage us out of bed.  Snuggling back down I read a few more pages of my book before getting up and preparing a cooked breakfast for us both.

With more showers forecast we remained moored and instead waited for a spell of dry weather to stroll around Crooke.  We discovered this was once a busy port where coal was loaded onto barges from the local coal mines and shipped to wherever it was needed but after the mines all closed in the 1960’s, the village was threatened with demolition in the 1970’s.

The villagers rallied to form a co-operative to save their homes from the bulldozers and created a beautiful quiet haven just off the B5375, where the only mention of the village is on a small single finger post that directs you down a narrow, overgrown lane that opens to reveal the village once you’ve passed under the railway line.   You really feel as if you’ve just discovered a forgotten place.







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