Sunday, 25 June

With only a week to go to the wedding, Storm and I took Sunday 11 June off and headed to Llandudno for a spot of sightseeing.  We’d never been before and we were pleasantly surprised and have promised ourselves  a long weekend there before too long.  It helped that it was a nice sunny day and we felt we were abroad – well we were in Wales!

Since the last blog back in May, we’ve been working hard to finish all the works to the house that Laura envisaged would be completed in time for her wedding and I’m happy to say this was achieved at lunch-time last Friday when the plumber returned to make the final connection to the oven.

Laura and Marc’s wedding last Saturday was a wonderful, fairytale day, enjoyed by everyone and I can’t wait to see all  the photographs.


The sun shone and the pretty village of Eccleston, was seen at its best against the clear blue sky.

At the reception in the village hall, James and his band had everyone up dancing despite the blistering heat.

Storm took Marc and Laura to Manchester airport on Sunday afternoon ready for them to catch a flight to Majorca early on Monday morning.    Summer and Joseph were looking forward to us looking after them for a week!  On Sunday night we began the countdown from eight sleeps.

Summer attends nursery three days a week and we’ve been woken gently at 7am each morning by a little voice telling us that Joseph’s awake.  This has been my cue to get up and to get her ready and into the car and into Chester before 8am while Storm takes care of giving Joseph his breakfast.

Monday was spent trying to get put the house back together after  all the wedding preparations and to put everything away that had come back to the house afterwards.  We managed a quick trip to the supermarket in the afternoon before picking Summer up .

In the soaring temperatures at the beginning of the week, we struggled to keep cool and on Monday afternoon I finally found the paddling pool. Summer agreed that if Mummy and Daddy can have their own pool, and if you can’t beat them, then join them.

On Tuesday morning, we moved the boat back to its permanent mooring whilst Joseph had his morning nap.  The works to our mooring have now been completed.  We admit it’s a while since we’ve moved her anywhere but this is because  the CRT’s contractors had overrun. They were aware of why  we’d overstayed our stay on a mooring in Christleton and had not moved us on.   The crows, pigeons, ducks and sycamore trees had done their worst though and the boat is now in need of a really good wash.

On Wednesday afternoon I took Summer to look round the grounds of the village nursery school but in the afternoon heat it was all a bit overwhelming and chilled medication was called for on our way home.

By Thursday morning the heatwave had gone.  With no nursery today, we were in no hurry to go anywhere, and like most people, we started the day with a game of musical statues while still in our pyjamas.  Joseph was keen to operate the CD player’s pause button but kept on dancing and so he didn’t win first prize.

While Joseph had his morning nap, Summer and I drove into Wrexham for a bit of retail therapy.  She needed some new wellies and while we shopping we decided to buy Joseph a pair too.  We also bought some chocolate so Summer could make chocolate crispy buns for lunch.  On the journey home she talked through all the equipment that she would need me to get out for her – also I mustn’t forget she’d need an apron!

After lunch, we all headed off to the ice-cream farm at Tattenhall and spent a few hours climbing over everything in the adventure park, visiting the animals and enjoying some real chilled medication before finally heading into the soft play area so Joseph could run free.

Friday we did jobs at home, one of which involved Summer getting very wet washing cars.

Yesterday afternoon we had to pop to the boat to measure our draught as we couldn’t recall the precise measurement.  Along with NB Oleanna we’re planning to do the Ribble Link in August. The maximum draught is 2ft 3”, according to the skippers guide.  We’ve booked to go when the tide is at its highest so we think we’ll both be ok.

On our way back home, we drove through the village of Holt and stopped to look at the scarecrows.  Summer’s favourite was the lion.

We finished the afternoon off with more chilled medication, having an ice-cream picnic in the boot of the car.

Today, we’ve stayed at home and been busy doing welcome home cards, painting and mask making.

Our intention has been to wear them out to guarantee we get an undisturbed night’s sleep.  It’s worked and they’ve both been brilliant.  One  more sleep to go!