Saturday 25 March

We crossed back across the Pennines, westwards, last Sunday afternoon ready for another three days of childminding.

Laura moved into her new house last month and we now have slightly further to travel as her house is just a mile beyond the Cheshire/Wales border.  The house is a beautiful detached Edwardian house, which like all houses of that age requires some work.  While I look after Joseph, Storm now spends time doing DIY.

Yesterday we needed to move the boat as we’d stayed our 14 days at The Cheshire Cat.   Storm wanted to finish a job he’d started at the house, so Max and I moved the boat south to Bates Mill Bridge; a distance of 7 miles and no locks.

Max coming to warn of overhanging branches!

Max checking proximity to the bank!

It was a beautiful sunny Spring morning for a relaxing cruise.  We passed by our  permanent mooring and were informed by various neighbours that CRT are coming to start work on repairing the moorings next week, so we can’t return for a while.  That isn’t a hardship to us as James & Ali are taking the boat for a cruise over Easter and we’ll nudge  our way in the meantime towards their rendezvous.

Max and I arrived at our destination by mid-day and while Max basked in the sunshine and enjoyed the view of Beeston Castle on top of the hill, I began to spring clean the boat.

By the time Storm got back I’d sorted through and cleaned all the bedroom cupboards, had a good clear out of things that are no longer beautiful or useful, and made spaghetti bolognese for supper, as well as a pan of onion soup.

The evening sunset was quite spectacular suggesting another fine day tomorrow.


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