Saturday, 18 March

I’m now childminding three days a week and we’ve been spending fewer nights on board as it’s easier to stay with Laura than get up at silly o’clock to look after Joseph from 6.45am each  morning.

We’ve been very busy recently though and seem to have spent no time at all on board. However, on Thursday 8 March we returned to the boat, filled up with water, took some bags of coal on board and travelled south from our mooring to Tattenhall Marina, winded before heading back north to the Cheshire Cat.  As we haven’t moved the boat since New Year we thought we might need to refer to our Nicholson’s Canal guide to remind ourselves of the route!!

We had friends stay on board with us on Friday night and on Saturday morning we got up early, winded again and headed back to Tattenhall so that our friends could regain confidence in their steering skills as they’re looking to have a narrowboat holiday later this year.   Having successfully winded again we headed back to the Cheshire Cat, all before lunch, before heading out into Chester to sample a few pubs.

The Albion, just inside the City Walls near the River Dee, is one of our favourites; the landlord doesn’t welcome many people as he displays a board suggesting that hen parties, stag parties, race goers etc are not welcome, and suggests that pensioners need to turn up with their parents.   He serves food at lunch time and in the evening, serving simple fare with few adjectives e.g. kedgeree, on plates, not slates.   He closes at 3pm each day and re-opens at six.  The interior of the pub has remained unchanged for years and has some fine examples of William Morris wallpaper on the walls.    We got served so that was lucky.

The CRT are programmed to come and do some repairs to our mooring this month so we’re hoping that they arrive soon so we can shuffle from mooring to mooring for two weeks at a time before the 1st of April when the winter mooring rules end.

This weekend we’ve been to Yorkshire to work on the house which is really starting to take shape now.  The roof has been re-felted and re-pantiled, the windows have all been replaced with double glazed Everest ones and the house is now fully weatherproof.  The electrician has started the re-wire and we’re hoping that we’ve finally found a plumber.   We’ve knocked down a few internal walls to create more space.





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