Sunday 22 January

Last Tuesday we left Chester after tea and headed over to Beverley to stay with my Mum, with a car full of tools.  Wednesday was going to be an exciting day as  we were due to pick up the keys to our new home and it was also my birthday.

We woke early and, after I’d opened my birthday cards, we headed out to the estate agents to collect the keys before driving straight round to Pudding Gate. We spent an exciting time taking stock and chatting through plans of the changes we’d like to make.

I then headed out to Wilkos to buy a few items that we hadn’t brought with us before we tackled taking up the old carpets, and tying them into rolls so we could take them to the tip before Storm started steaming the wallpaper off the spare bedroom walls.

The day wasn’t all work though as I took some time out in the afternoon to go and meet a friend  and my Mum treated us to a meal out in the evening.

We’re planning to camp out at the house next time we visit as we’ve got power and hot water and we want to introduce Max to his new home as he’s not been yet, so we’re preparing the smaller of the bedrooms ready for our stay as this will be the room that will be least disturbed by the proposed works!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent stripping more walls and my Mum popped in twice to help us.   A couple of trips to the tip were made and Jethro the chimney sweep came and cleaned our flue so we can now light the fire.

Storm had invited various tradesmen to pop round to discuss what work we needed doing and so various cups of coffee were made as well.

This morning, we took the morning off and drove through to Hull with my Mum for a morning of culture in Victoria Square.  Despite the freezing temperature we stood a while to admire the 75m turbine blade that lies across the Square and which is going to be here until March.   We loved it.   We understand that someone from Hull City Council’s planning department is unhappy that no-one applied for planning permission.  Does a work of art, and a temporary one at that, need planning permission?


We wonder whether Hull City Council are really giving City of Culture its full support as the number of road closures, carpark closures, limited parking times, the number of orange barriers placed everywhere, and the closure of the New Theatre for renovation might suggest otherwise!  Anyone visiting Hull for the first time might struggle to navigate their way around and question the Council’s support for this event.

After that we went into Ferens Art Gallery where we were delighted to find the galleries  full of people enjoying the art on display.   Whenever we’ve visited in the past, it has been almost deserted.  What a difference some publicity  makes!  The Francis Bacon and Local Artists exhibition were marvellous and we could have spent a lot longer here had we not been limited for time.

We stopped for a bite of lunch before dropping Mum back home and driving back to Chester for another two days of childminding.











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