New Year’s Day 2017

Happy New Year!

For the last few days we’ve spent a quiet time on our own and have enjoyed a couple of lovely walks with Max across frozen landscapes under clear blue skies and also a couple of trips to the furniture shops to look for ideas for our new home.


Otherwise we’ve sat huddled round our stove which is keeping the sitting area really toasty but we woke to a thin layer of ice on the inside of the bathroom window on Thursday morning because we’d inadvertently closed the door when we went to bed!

On Friday, when the ice thawed and the towpath tap worked again, we topped up with water, took delivery of some coal and gas, untied and headed towards our local hostelry.  It was nice to be on the move again, albeit only for an hour of lock free cruising.

New Year’s Eve is Storm’s birthday.  Presents and cards were opened in bed with a cup of tea before we headed out.  So as not to clash with anyone’s evening plans, we’d invited Laura, Marc, Summer & Joseph, to join us for a birthday breakfast at The Cheshire Cat.    This was really lovely and we ate all that was placed before us.

Despite our plans to have a rip roaring New Year’s Eve, we ended up having a quiet night in.  The only cocktail I managed was one of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen as I tried to kill off whatever is making my throat so sore!

I cooked Storm one of his favourite meals and then we sat back to watch telly.  We managed to stay awake until midnight and admired the firework display overhead.  Max wasn’t too impressed, but he kept his excitement to a minimum, only barking madly when they let the bangers off.


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