Wednesday 28 December

Santa visited on Christmas Day and was very generous again.  His helper provided plenty of cuteness on the day.

After three days of excitement we returned to the boat early yesterday morning, lit the fire, and headed out again for a few hours of exercise, giving the stove time to warm the boat through.

We drove to Frodsham and  followed the town’s heritage trail.  The outside temperature though was so cold, that we didn’t linger long or walk as far as we’d have liked.   We’d been planning to continue on to the nearby River Weaver and inspect CRT’s work on Marsh Lock, as we’ve seen some dramatic photographs courtesy of Face Book of the huge  lock that has been drained to allow work to take place.

Today, we woke to a frozen canal and white grass but we were nice and cosy inside the boat.


Christmas Eve

Despite our local news station warning of the ferocity of Storm Barbara that would cause havoc during Friday, it passed by us quietly yesterday.


The decorations are up and the boat is looking quite festive and Max is proudly wearing his flashing collar.

The presents are all wrapped.  The baking is done and the sausage rolls and almond tart are cooling.  The lemon cheesecake is hopefully setting in the fridge!

The bags are packed as this afternoon we’re heading off to Laura and Marc’s for a couple of nights so we can witness the excitement of discovering that Santa’s been.

Happy Christmas!



Wednesday 14 December

We haven’t posted a blog for ages and this is because we’ve been playing our cards close to our chest as we’ve been flitting between the boat and home and we didn’t really want to advertise where we’ve been.

Since being in home in November we returned to the boat for ten days when we were kept busy answering solicitor emails and since then have been working towards a completion date of 12 December.  In between we were doing all the usual chores associated with life afloat.  Max had his daily walks and, thanks to all the rain at that time, our floors needed regularly washing.

With the shorter days we made sure our batteries were kept fully charged to cope with the increased demand of lighting and TV watching and ran the engine daily.  We also kept an eye on the overnight weather forecast and kept our water tank topped up while the temperature was above freeing .  The canal did freeze over for a couple of days and as our fresh water comes from an uninsulated  tap on the canal side, the tap froze.


One morning we heard an unusual noise that sounded like speeding tupperware on the canal and when we looked out there were two powered hang gliders flying just above the water.  By the time I’d grabbed my camera they’d reached a good height and the photograph isn’t as spectacular as my view had been when I first looked out.


As soon as we turned the calendar to December, the Christmas decorations came out and we invited Andy and Mandy, our near canal neighbours, over for a meal and a natter.  It was nice to have their company.

On Sunday 4th we returned to Beverley and spent a week packing the last of our belongings into boxes.   Our moving date of 12 December was achieved and the removal men arrived at 7am, and by 8am were fully loaded and on their way to the container we’d organised for our belongings and by 9am everything was safely stowed away and we were on our way to Morrisons for a cooked breakfast.

We needed a completion date of 12 December at the latest, because we’d seen our next housing project and this was going to be sold at auction on Wednesday 14 December.

After a tense few weeks, we’re delighted to announce that we were successful at the auction and are now the proud owners of a two bedroom semi-detached house in Yorkshire that needs quite a lot of renovation. This marks the start of another adventure.


We will still be enjoying life afloat when the weather is good.