Sunday 20 November

Our week at home culminated in a lovely evening of dining out with close friends before we headed  out to the East Riding Theatre.     There we were warmly greeted by two FOH volunteers who have both known Storm and I for many many years.    We were there to see  As We Forgive Them written by Richard Vergette.  I knew the director, Andy Pearson, and one of the cast members, Marc Pickering, from my days at Hull Truck.  We can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who can get tickets before next Saturday.


Our route back from Beverley to our mooring yesterday took us through snow covered hills and over various canals: the Market Weighton Canal, the Pocklington Canal, the Aire & Calder navigation twice, the Calder Hebble, the Rochdale Canal twice, the Ashton Canal, the Bridgewater Canal and finally the Shropshire Union.  I’m not sure many motorists would realise this.

The air back on the boat felt particularly chilly and our first priority was to light the stove. I sorted this out while Storm unpacked the car. I put the central heating on too and turned up all the radiators to maximum to help take the chill off.   After making up the bed and having a cup of coffee, we closed the boat back up and headed off to Laura’s for a couple of hours leaving the fire to work its’ magic.  There we were pounced on and spent two hours playing.  We returned before tea to a lovely snug boat and spent the evening catching up on the Saturday papers and watching telly.


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