Friday 18 November

This week we’ve been back at home.   I’ve been absolutely full of cold and, not wanting to infect anyone else, we’ve been quite antisocial keeping ourselves to ourselves.  After a trip to the docs I’ve been diagnosed with Sinusitis and have been sent away with some antibiotics so hopefully I’m going to be feeling a whole lot better soon as it’s many years since I’ve felt this bad.

The sale of our house is taking longer than anticipated.  This hasn’t been good for our blood pressure levels but we think we’re nearly there and hope to exchange very soon.   In the meantime, we’re hoping that we may also have found the next housing project that we’ve been looking for but won’t know for sure until next month.  Fingers crossed.

It looks like we’ve missed some excitement back at the mooring though as another car appears to have missed the bend at the bridge and plunged into the canal.  I think this is the third in the last year.  Thankfully, no-one has been hurt.



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