Tuesday, 25 October

In the last month we have only spent ten nights on the boat and have spent more nights at home in Beverley.  In the last month we’ve driven nearly 1200 miles travelling backwards and forwards across the Pennines.

Our land base is now looking a little spartan as we’ve been through all our belongings and have thinned them down to those we consider most precious.

Last weekend we had a break from housing matters and travelled to just south of Wem in Shropshire for the wedding of our dear friends Nikki & Sarah at The Inn at Grinshall.  We met up with  Pip and Mick from NB Lillyanne at the Premier Inn at Harmer Hill and travelled to the wedding in our car, leaving theirs at the hotel so they could take us to collect our car in the morning.


Pip and I both worked with Nikki & Sarah at Hull Truck Theatre and it was nice to meet up with so many of our theatre friends who had all gathered to celebrate this very special day.  We had a lovely time.

Yesterday we returned home to Beverley as we still have things to sort out.

In between we’ve caught up with Laura, Marc and family.  Joseph is so close to crawling.  At the moment he manages to get around by rolling across the room and in between makes every effort to work out what he needs to do to crawl on his front.


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