Sunday 18 September

On Friday morning we had a relatively short trip back from Barbridge to our mooring.  We were glad that we’d covered a big distance on Thursday as it was a chilly morning and there was a strong breeze blowing across the canal.  In fact we wore coats and hats rather than shades and shorts as we’d done the day before.

At Bunbury there was a volunteer lock-keeper on duty and he helped us through the staircase lock.   As we came into sight of Tilstone Lock we were just in time to see a boat heading our way starting to empty the lock.  When we pulled up on the lock mooring they spotted us and apologised that they hadn’t looked back.

There was another boat waiting to come up in the lock and so we  helped them.  We then spotted that the overflow boom from the weir beside the top gates, had come untied at one end and was effectively blocking the canal.  The boom was made of wood and was about 12 feet long. This wasn’t a problem to the boat coming out of the lock as they pushed it to one side but by the time they’d cleared the lock it had refloated back across the canal and was preventing us from getting into the lock.

Storm, armed with nylon cord and scissors, laid down on the bank and managed to tie some cord round the offending piece of wood and then he climbed onto the front of the boat.  I then moved the boat away from the bank while Storm pulled the cord with the wood attached back to the other side of the canal and he managed to climb off the boat onto the lock side and attach the cord to the guardrail beside the overflow weir.   I then moved the boat into the lock and made a call to CRT advising them that we’d made a temporary repair but that a more permanent fix was needed.

After that we managed to share the next three locks.  We shared iron lock whilst keeping a close eye on the boats to make sure we had plenty of water all around.  Neither boat had fenders down.  [The sides of the lock here are bowed and it is recommended that boats travel through one by one.]

We were back on our mooring by lunch time and we’d had a request to hurry round to Laura’s as someone had missed us.

Since we’ve been back on the mooring the sun has shone continuously.


Summer was so excited to see us and had lots to tell us and show us.   Joseph has grown quite a bit too while we’ve been away and he’s still smiling.

We managed to return to the boat before tea and promised that we would see them again over the weekend and offered to babysit  to make up for being away for a month.

Yesterday afternoon and this morning we’ve had fun with Summer and Joseph and this afternoon we said ‘goodbye’ again and drove back to Beverley where we’ll be  until  Saturday as we’ve quite a few things to attend to.


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