Tuesday 6 September

The shop at Bridge 78 provided us with the fresh vegetables we needed before we lifted our fenders, untied and headed off down the Grand Union Canal towards the five double locks at Knowle.


img_5069 img_5071

The first lock was set in our favour but after that all were empty.  This means that there was someone heading the same way as us but we didn’t catch them up and so went down the locks on our own.

It was a lovely sight to see a boat coming up through the locks though after I’d filled our second lock.  These locks are deep and the gates and paddles are heavy to operate and I didn’t fancy crossing the locks so I just opened the paddles and gates at one side.  This meant that our passage through the locks was slightly slower than if I’d opened paddles at both sides.  I was perspiring heavily by the time I’d finished the locks and I tried to blame it partly on the heat of the morning!  Refreshments were served up as I worked.  Max helped the skipper today.



We  continued on and passed the Cruising Club between Bridges 69 and 70 which seems confused about its name as some signs announce ‘Black Boy’ and others ‘Black Buoy’.

At Kingswood Junction we turned onto the Stratford Canal heading north and we went through the first six locks of the Lapworth Flight before mooring on the visitor moorings there.

I spent some time speaking to family and friends on the phone and arranged to meet two friends for drinks in The Boot tonight.   I then did some cooking to try and preserve some of our vegetables before they go soft.  My ice-box in the fridge is packed so tightly there is no room for air.


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