Saturday 3 September

The weather forecast suggested it would be a day of two halves; a dry morning and a very wet afternoon.  We only had a couple of miles and three locks to cover today but as we were heading out into the middle of nowhere, I volunteered to cycle back to civilisation for a newspaper.  Storm said he would make a start and move the boat nearer our destination.

Curdworth Bottom Lock

Curdworth Bottom Lock

By 9am I’d cycled five miles and caught back up with Storm  at the bottom of Curdworth Locks.   This had been quite a work out as my gear cable had snapped, leaving me with top gear only.    With the papers and the bike safely stowed back on the boat, I took over the steering and Storm went off to prepare the locks.

After a couple of locks we stopped to fill up with water and while we were waiting for the tank to fill it started to drizzle.  Thankfully we just had a few more yards and one more lock to do to reach our destination beside The Dog & Doublet pub.  We’d arranged to meet our friend John here at lunch-time as he was on his way to Yorkshire to see his parents.


The Dog & Doublet – I’m sure this boat was here on the 48 hour moorings two years ago

It was still only 11am and we had a while to wait for him to arrive.   We were so glad we’d made an early start as by now the drizzle had turned into a downpour.

Last night after dinner, I’d gone in search of brambles near the lake.  There were so many lovely juicy ones there that I gathered a couple of pounds which I’d then boiled up and left  draining through muslin overnight.

While we waited for John to arrive I finished making the bramble jelly.

John suggested he treat us to lunch out rather than eating on board and so we introduced John to this unusual canal-side pub and by the time we’d finished eating, the rain had stopped and we returned to the boat to continue chatting.

John left us about six to continue his journey north and we spent a quiet night reading and watching telly.


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