Tuesday 30 August

Yesterday and this morning we’ve been basking in the sunshine in the beautiful surroundings of Tixall Wide.  It wasn’t very peaceful during the day though as there were so many boats on the move.


Our fold up bikes had a maintenance make-over yesterday and before tea we went for a short bike ride along the tow path, through Shugborough Park and back, stopping off for a drink at The Clifford Arms in Great Heywood before riding back along the towpath.


Shuborough Hall

We haven’t seen or heard a single kingfisher while we’ve been moored here even though it is noted for its kingfisher population.

This lunch-time we undid our mooring pins, winded and headed back to the junction at Great Heywood where we turned right towards Fradley and then immediately reversed onto the service jetty to fill up with water and offload our waste.

While I filled up with water, Storm disappeared and reappeared with two samples of chilled medication which he stashed in the freezer box of our fridge to be enjoyed after I’d tackled the two locks ahead of us.

There were still plenty of boaters out enjoying the good weather but we didn’t get caught in any queues today.

We reached our destination of Bridge 67, on the outskirts of Rugeley, where in the morning we will meet our crew before heading to the shops to restock the cupboards at Bridge 66.   Here you have a choice of supermarkets with Tesco at one side of the canal and Morrisons at the other.


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