Saturday, 27 August

A quick walk across the bridge for our Saturday newspaper, before we untied and headed for Stone.  What began as a sunny day soon turned damp and then wet and, as the afternoon wore on, even wetter.

It was a good job we travelled the 3.5 miles and 8 locks before lunch as the moorings in Stone were already full and we think we got the last space just below the bottom lock, and after the winding hole, before the weather turned really nasty.

It was heart-breaking listening to  soaked crew members during the afternoon bemoaning the fact they couldn’t find space to moor and knowing they had to negotiate at least another three locks before finding somewhere to stop for the night north of Stone.

By 8pm the rain had stopped and we ventured out to The Swan for a drink.  The large room beside the bar was kitted out with amps and lights for a band of mature rockers who were setting up to play.  Periodically they counted to two to check the sound system, but other than that there seemed little action.   We hung around for over an hour but there was still no sign that they were ready to play and in the end we gave up and headed home.


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