Thursday 25 August

The day dawned misty and damp.  We walked Max round  Westport Lake, keeping him on his lead, so he didn’t disturb the birdlife.


The swans, whilst so graceful in the water, walk like  old arthritic people, with every step looking so painful.  The geese, on the other hand, were on a mission to get to the water, and they sure were a ‘gaggle’.



We’d just got back to the boat when the heavens opened and it poured down for a couple of hours.

In the afternoon, in between showers, we caught the bus to Newcastle Under Lyme, a journey of about 15 minutes up hill and down dale.   The town didn’t have a lot to recommend it and even it’s Wickipedia entry concentrates more on its past than the present!

We did walk up the hill to the New Vic Theatre, but as the cafe stopped serving drinks and cakes at 3.30pm  and we’d missed it by ten minutes, we walked back to the bus station.    Performances start again next week, after the Summer holiday.

As there wasn’t much worth watching on the TV last night, we settled down to watch a few more episodes of “The Man in the High Castle”.   We’ve only two more to watch and its getting tense, and we’re trying to work out whether there are any good guys at all!

(Yesterday’s entry contained an error and I’d like to thank Adrian for pointing it out.   It’s reassuring to know someone’s paying attention as my personal blog checker failed to spot it).


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