Friday 26 August

After a disturbed night’s sleep (I blame “The Man in the High Castle”) we were awake quite early with the boat cracking and clicking in the heat of the sunshine as the metal expanded.

With sun lotion applied, we set off early.   We filled up with water at the Etruria Yard and because the services are on the Caldon Canal side, we had to reverse back out onto the Trent & Mersey before heading down the locks. We had to queue at the first lock, but after that, we were lucky with one boat up and one boat down for most of the way, which meant that the spacing sorted itself out and we didn’t have to queue at any of the others.

Today we headed to Barlaston (8 miles and six locks).  Our next rendezvous is next week when James & Ali are joining us for a couple of nights and as the meeting point is only about 17 miles south of where we are now,  we don’t need to rush.

After an afternoon nap, Storm  found time to practice his new hobby.    With a bit more practice, and a few more chords, we may have a new income stream.   Ukulele Orchestra of the UK watch out!  He’s got the dog already and Max wasn’t trying to escape!


It turned out nice again.


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