Tuesday 23 August

After an undisturbed night’s sleep we woke to blue skies and sunshine rather than the cloudy skies we were expecting.

On the ‘Arm’ five swans had been coming to visit at regular intervals on the look out for scraps of food, but sadly once we turned right onto the Trent & Mersey it was easy to count the swans – 3!  (One swimming and two snoozing).   This was really disappointing as normally there are far too many to count.

IMG_4931 IMG_4932

We carried on towards Sandbach and through Lock 67 and Bridge 160 where the former site of Eton Moss Boatbuilders and Carefree Cruising now looks somewhat unloved since their move to to Middlewich.



We stopped for water in Wheelock and then began our climb up towards Stoke on Trent.

The first of the paired locks with its pretty lock cottage with roses round the door was a welcome sight.


The  smell of freshly cut grass,  the sight of bees enjoying the Buddlea and the cows also enjoying the sunshine, all reminded us why we love this cruising lifestyle.



We climbed steadily to Thurlwood, passing under the M6 motorway, before pulling in for the night and heading to the pub for a refreshing cool pint of beer (or two) before we headed back to the boat for something to eat.


One thought on “Tuesday 23 August

  1. Lock 67! We’re looking forward to doing that stretch later in the year, it’s been a long time. Sad that the swan population is well down. Maybe they have moved on of their own accord due to a lack of white sliced. The fence that was put up to keep them off the road seems to have bedded in now or just got overgrown. x

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