Sunday 21 August

By 6.30 this morning we were awake and drinking coffee in bed so we decided to make an early start and were underway by 8am.

The boat was facing the wrong way and so the first two hours was spent heading to the winding hole at Christleton before passing our mooring as we headed south towards Barbridge Junction.

Max was glad to be back on the move and he immediately resumed his usual position on the roof.  (He can’t get there when we’re moored as our hood obstructs his path).

We shared the six locks (even risking two up in iron lock with everyone staying alert to make sure we had water around us and weren’t in danger of getting caught on the distorted cast iron sides of the lock).  This helped alleviate the queue of boats waiting to use the lock as only one gate paddle was working on the top gate and the bottom gate was leaking quite a bit, meaning that it was taking an age to fill the lock.  We spotted three kingfishers but they evaded the camera lens as usual.

We put the washing machine on when the clouds disappeared leaving us to cruise in the sunshine and we had a load ready to hang out when we reached Barbridge.  It feels good to be self-sufficient again and having run the engine for six hours after the washing machine finished we hope our batteries are charged.

By 5.30pm this afternoon it was raining and Storm suggested we treat ourselves to a meal out at The Olde Barbridge Inn.  I didn’t disagree!


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