Wednesday 17 August

Last week we had a four days at home when, in between socialising and showers, we managed to tame the garden and carry out some home maintenance.

On Saturday we headed down to Bristol for a surprise 70th birthday party.  We’d spent the week monitoring  NB Lilyanne’s progress north to see if we might manage to meet them at Thorne on Saturday morning as we passed by on the M18.   Unfortunately we couldn’t quite synchronise timings  as we were on a bit of a mission.  Hopefully we’ll get chance to catch up with Pip and Mick again before too long.

Terry’s surprise party was good fun and it was nice to catch up with mutual friends over the weekend.  It was quite a coincidence that we’d booked into the same hotel. The weather was kind to us too and meant we could sit outside for much of the party. We were back on the boat by Monday lunchtime and Laura and I met up in the evening for what is now becoming our ‘regular’ weekly swim.

IMG_4889 IMG_4896

On Tuesday we BBQ’d on the towpath and while I was cooking, Storm decided to repair one of our mooring spikes that had pulled loose.   John, one of our neighbours, kindly donated two bags of ‘post mix’ concrete so once Storm had dug a hole deep enough, this was a simple fix.   It would be nice if passing boats would slow down a bit more so they don’t cause our spikes to loosen.


Chocolate crispie buns if someone can stop eating the crispies!

The rest of this week we’ll be making preparations for Summer’s third birthday party on Saturday. She’s offered to help with the baking.  We’re just hoping the weather holds out so all her friends can play out in the garden.


Another red sunset



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