Sunday 7 August

On Friday night we had an overnight guest for a special adventure.  Summer came for tea and ate a good helping of spaghetti bolognese and a yoghurt pudding.


After an explore off the boat to visit the cows, pick some flowers, feed the ducks and the swans and a game of hide and seek, she eventually went to bed.


Can you see where she is yet?

Sleeping in Nanny’s bed for the first time on the boat, while Grandad opted for the camp bed, was so exciting and it took a while to drop off.

On Saturday we were awake quite early and after breakfast we got a special request to visit the ice-cream farm.  Having visited before on foot and by car, we decided to travel there by boat today.   This helped kill some time until the farm opened at 10am.    Wearing our new life-jacket, we looked very cool in our sun-glasses.


After nearly two hours of fun in the sunshine, visiting the animals, playing on all the equipment and showing who was No 1 we had a cone of chilled medication each before seeking some shade back at the boat.

IMG_4820 IMG_4872 IMG_4791

We had to physically pick her up and run to make our escape.    She got a shoulder ride for the short walk back to the boat.


After some quiet time, Summer was happy to put her life jacket back on and after a little panic that Dandad wasn’t on the boat when he untied the front rope, we cruised slowly back to our mooring.

After all the excitement of the day, she and Grandad fell asleep in our sleep inducing chair.

After tea we returned her home and I had an early night


2 thoughts on “Sunday 7 August

  1. Did you have John Le Carre visiting or is Storm his doppelganger?
    Glad to see you are still enjoying yourselves
    Very best wishes from Rog & Sandy

    • Hi Rog & Sandy
      Good to hear from you. Yes, we’re still enjoying our freedom.
      We met up with Mike & Maggie in Bristol recently and caught up with their news which included their trips to see you. We were glad to hear that you are both well. I will go and seek out a photo of John Le Carre so I can see what you mean. Storm’s been told he looks like Keith Brannah by my Mum, Morse and Parkinson by some of James’ friends but John Le Carre is a new one! Now I’ve gone white, and when my hair is short, I’ve been told I look like Judy Dench (not too flattering as she’s the same age as my Mum) or else I get called ‘Fella’! Hah hah!
      Love & best wishes. Bridget & Storm xx

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