Saturday 23 July

Another week has passed where we haven’t moved the boat.

We spent last Saturday night at Laura’s babysitting while she and Marc had a night away to celebrate her birthday.

On Tuesday, (Laura’s actual birthday), we took her out for a pub lunch at The Alyn, in the pretty village of Rossett.  We found a table outside in the shade, beside the River.  Unfortunately they’d run out of plates – our meals were served on roof slates!   Nevertheless the food was very good.


In the evening we had a family BBQ and it was a real treat to stand in Summer’s paddling pool to cool down.  I didn’t mind being drenched by an enthusiastic Summer who thought it such fun to try to drown me while I was fully clothed.   When we got back to the boat, the internal temperature was 100F and we struggled to cool down.

Chilling in the shade

Chilling in the shade

Chilling with icecream soda ...

Chilling complete with icecream soda …

Laura and I went swimming again on Wednesday, and this time we managed 40 lengths in just under an hour.

Storm and I are heading to Berlin for five nights tomorrow and so Thursday morning was spent collecting Euros and making sure we had all we needed.

I looked after Summer and Joseph for an hour yesterday while Laura went grocery shopping.   We had to play “Nursery” in Summer’s bedroom.  I know the staff at her nursery aren’t bossy, but I had to do as I was told  and ‘sit properly with fingers on lips!!’

Storm short sanding!

Storm short sanding!

Smart foredeck

Smart foredeck

While I was away, Storm spent the morning smartening up our front deck and lockers with a coat of paint.

Growing cygnets

Growing cygnets …


First sighting back in May

Our local family of swans popped by to show off how the five cygnets are growing.  Mum is known locally as ‘Broken Beak’ as she has a large piece of beak missing and is easily recognised.

Today we’ve had a quiet day on board soaking up the sun and reading the papers.


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