Tuesday 28 June

After hearing the Referendum result on Friday morning we took Max for the long walk into Waverton as we had an envelope that needed posting at the Post Office.  That took care of the morning and we were due at Laura’s in the afternoon.   We packed for an overnight stay there.  Marc was planning to climb Snowdon on Saturday and Laura had asked if we would babysit as she was keen to support him.

They went off early on Saturday morning and we had a fun but exhausting day with the grandchildren as we were on the go non-stop from 6.30 am.   After breakfast we strapped Summer onto her bike and Joseph into his pram and we took Max for his morning stroll to the shops to buy the paper. Afterwards we didn’t get a moment to read the paper, because once we were back home Summer was keen to play out in the garden and when not playing we were busy making sure everyone was fed and watered.  It was a wonderful feeling of relief when we managed to get both grandchildren bathed and into bed and asleep by 7.30pm.

Laura and Marc came back clutching certificates to say they’d reached the summit of Snowdon, despite atrocious wet and foggy weather conditions.  This was hard to believe as we’d enjoyed a warm and sunny day.   We shared a curry with them before leaving to head back to the boat for a good night’s sleep.

We spent Sunday on our own. We had a drive out into the countryside in the morning while it was fine and then in the afternoon, while it rained, we caught up on Saturday’s papers and I made a loaf of bread and some scones.

Laura rang early on Monday morning to suggest I take Joseph to his baby music group.  I think Laura was a little stiff after her Snowdon adventure.  Storm said that he would move the boat from our mooring to the Cheshire Cat where I could meet him after lunch.  Joseph and I had a lovely relaxing time enjoying the singing and sensory experience of his music group.  Storm made it to our rendezvous in good time.

We’d planned to watch the England/Iceland match on our TV but we couldn’t get a signal so instead we listened to it on Radio 5 live.  What a disappointing waste of time that was!  Well done Iceland!   We went and drowned our sorrows in the pub afterwards.

Why does home made bread taste so good?

Why does home made bread taste so good?


This morning we woke to rain and while we waited for it to pass, I made another batch of bread dough.  By 10.15 am though we were on our way into Chester by boat.  We had 8 locks to do and we shared four of these with one of the Time Share ‘Boat Club’ boats.  The crew were very experienced having been with the ‘Club’ for ten years.

We descended Chester’s staircase lock on our own, but were helped through by CRT staff who were inspecting a damaged cill.  The damage was quite dramatic and we couldn’t work out how this had occurred.   The cill stone was split with a large section of it jutting upwards and had somehow lifted above the steelwork protecting it.   CRT plan to close the lock and carry out the repairs overnight tonight.

That black rock in the foam should be flat!

That black rock sticking up in the foam should not be there!

We were three minutes late arriving into the basin as the heavens opened just as we were about to tie up.  In the seconds it took us to moor, we both got soaked and our shower cubicle now looks like a Chinese laundry as our clothes have been hung up to dry!

We’d planned to cycle back to the Cheshire Cat to collect the car this afternoon but instead we’ve decided to postpone this until tomorrow when hopefully it will have stopped raining.

Tomorrow afternoon we hand our boat keys to Taylors who will replace our damaged prop and black our hull in their dry dock while we pop home for a week.   Laura and the children are coming with us this time and we’re looking forward to meeting up with friends and family again.


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