Monday 20 June

Our week in Beverley whizzed by and when we got back yesterday we tried to remember all that we’d done.  I know I’ve used some muscles I’ve not exercised in a while as I’m very stiff.

We started our week at home with a trip to the new Weatherspoons for a bite to eat and whilst there we bumped into a familiar face – one I see most Saturday’s in the colour supplement of our Saturday newspaper trying to sell Life Insurance!  I know Rob Angel from my days at Hull Truck Theatre and the last time I met him he was in a play in the village hall in Frampton on Severn near Gloucester.   This time he was in Beverley rehearsing John Godber’s latest play The Empty Nesters’ Club.   We promised to get tickets for Monday’s opening night performance and when we got there it was a nice surprise to find that some of my favourite Truck friends were there too.  We enjoyed the play which resonated well with us.

Storm also spotted his old school friend there who invited us to join him and his wife in the pub after the show.  It was quite late when we finally headed home.

During the week we visited James and Ali in their new flat a couple of times, saw my Mum a few times, Max & I met up with Cheryl and Poppy each morning for a walk on the Westwood and we finished off the week seeing other good friends over the weekend.

In between I spoke with the Estate Agent for an update on the sale of our house, we viewed a couple of other properties for sale,  visited the dentist and came away without needing anything doing, caught up on some chores, tidied the garden, repotted a couple of shrubs and Storm paid a couple of visits to his one remaining client to see how work was progressing on site.

We got back to Chester yesterday afternoon and after unpacking the car we headed to Laura’s for a lovely Father’s Day dinner treat before returning to the boat for an early night.


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