Yesterday we travelled under the Mersey by train to meet up with James & Ali who’d come to Liverpool to see us and we had a lovely time in the sunshine exploring the sights of Liverpool.  James’ friend, Neil, came and joined us and showed us some of the alternative tourist sights.

Unfortunately this is the only way we’re going to cross the Mersey this week as we’ve discovered that we have two bent blades on our propellor which has caused us to forego our plans to join the Mersey convoy on Friday.   We need to be as sure as we can be that our boat is in tip top condition when entering tidal waters as you never know what other craft you might meet on the river.


Not to be messed with … a Cruise liner moored up in Liverpool


For an idea of scale – look at the oil tankers trying to refuel it!

Today, we waved goodbye and wished a safe journey to those who are hoping to make the crossing tomorrow and we headed back to Chester to see if we can replace our damaged prop anytime soon.  I don’t know if we’re unusually unlucky but this will be our fourth prop in six years!

The prop is quite well protected when going forward by the boat and has a metal plate underneath it that stops things rising up and hitting it, so the only way it can get damaged is by things attacking it from the rear or from the side and we can’t recall hitting anything.

We arrived back into Chester just after lunch and it wasn’t long before we had visitors who seemed excited to see us.

We’re now just considering options and waiting for quotations to see whether the work can be carried out locally or whether we’d be better off heading back to our mooring at Waverton.


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